Koushik Ghosh Advocate & Associates :

we are the best association of Property Lawyer , Cheque Bounce Lawyer and Divorce Lawyer in Kolkata and delivering best legal service for 20 years. Throughout the journey our founder has made sure that, our firm provides personalized approach to legal representations by listening to their respective needs and provide creative, effective and practical solutions. After our continuous service in Kolkata providing highest client satisfaction, we are soon extending our legal services and opening branches at other metropolitan cities in India. Criminal Case, Cheque Bounce case, Loan Default cases or property cases , Nri Divorce and property matters will guide you with our expert and experienced lawyers in kolkata. We are one of the top-notch real estate law firms in India. The law firm is composed of the best real estate lawyers in India. Mr. Koushik Ghosh Advocate being one of the best high court lawyers in Kolkata, provides you with the finest legal advice. The firm specializes in NRI laws thus, delivering you legal services from the best NRI Property lawyer. The fees charged vary case by case but, very competitive. Provided that, you will also not have to make perpetual visits to India to appear or be present in Court in person, which saves you the loss of earnings whilst away from home as well your personal safety in serious cases.


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