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Our Services are Easy, Trustworthy and Transparent. Call on 9830568028 and Get assistance from Top Lawyer in Kolkata with 100% confidentiality of your Legal Matter. Our Lawyers and Advocates in Kolkata will guide and help you in getting your hard earned money back. We always recommend, when you are searching for the Best Lawyers in Kolkata, you need to take a few things into consideration. How long have they been practicing? How many cases have they won? Do they really listen to you and understand how you feel? All these points should be the deciding factors when you choose a firm who will handle your Cheque Bounce case and Criminal cases and property registration. Our best Services as follows :
Criminal Law

Criminal law deals with offenses and their punishment. In a criminal offense, the State takes upon itself the responsibility to investigate and collect evidence to fight the case in court and enforce the punishment. Criminal offenses such are theft, rape, murder, cheating, forgery, mischief, house-trespass etc are dealt with in the Indian Penal Code, 1960. The Penal Code defines the offense, the ingredients of the offense and sets out the punishment for the offense. In India, grave crimes like rape, murder, theft etc. are considered cognizable, and crimes like public nuisance, simple hurt, mischief etc. are considered non-cognizable. Call 9830568028 Koushik Ghosh Advocate and Associates for best service .

Cheque Bounce Law
Talking to a Cheque Bounce Lawyer is just a click away. Don’t wait, think and lose time. Talk to the Right Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Calcutta to get a quick legal advice on what to do next. Early guidance from a good Cheque Bounce Lawyer and getting right advice on time will save a lot for you. Call 9830568028 Koushik Ghosh Advocate for best legal support.
Mutual Divorce
Mutual Divorce is the easiest way to dissolve the marriage. When both husband and wife agreed for divorce on consent they can file  petition for divorce in court and thereafter six months court will fix up the case for final hearing and both parties need to be present in court on final hearing and after hearing court will pass the divorce decree order. Call 9830568028 Koushik Ghosh Advocate for best legal support.
Divorce Case
Divorce lawyer when this word comes in mind, the next line which will appear in mind is confidentiality, transparency and credibility. Since we don’t know anyone personally, we will end up our search on terms like best lawyer for divorce in Kolkata, top divorce lawyer in Kolkata, best divorce lawyer in Kolkata etc. Here consisting team of Kaushik Ghosh Associates comes for help with their best divorce lawyers. Citizens can avail our specialized services in the matters of matrimonial and family matters. Call 9830568028 for best service in divorce case.
Property Registration
Koushik Ghosh Advocate & Associates offers best legal service in all sort of Property registration, Title Verification , Property Deed Drafting Verification , Vetting of Documents with utmost care and experience lawyers. Citizens can avail our specialized services in the matters of Real estate matters. Call 9830568028 Koushik Ghosh Advocate for best legal support.
NRI Legal Service
Koushik Ghosh Advocate and Associates is the with their experience in legal field provides best support for NRI clients for Family and Property relates matters. We served many NRI clients based on more than 30 countries in the world. We take care the fact that NRI clients need not required to visit in India without urgently required and perform most of the legal work online for their convenience. Call 9830568028 for best legal support.